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Streamlining data

CIBMTR shares its data with participating centers and corporate partners as well as other stakeholders using a variety of tools.

The following tools are available on CIBMTR's website:

Categorize patients undergoing allogeneic HCT for hematologic malignancy by disease risk:

Disease Risk Index (DRI) Assignment Tool 

Identify patients at high risk for veno-occlusive disease (VOD):

Veno-Occlusive Disease (VOD) Risk Calculator

All other tools can be viewed on the CIBMTR Portal, a specialized and secure, password-protected area for CIBMTR community users.

As an authorized user, you may view, analyze, or download information for your center by accessing different applications on the Portal:

  • Data Back to Centers (DBtC): Interact with visualizations of selected variables and download CRF- and TED-level  as well as CAR T-cell therapy variables for your center.
  • Data for RFI: Access, view, reconcile, and export the data your center submitted into the ASTCT standard Request for Information (RFI) format.
  • Center Performance Analytics: Compare your center’s data to aggregated center data filtered by various factors, view your own one-year survival rate, or create and implement ad hoc queries.
  • Center Volumes Portal: Preview, correct, and approve center volume data published on the HRSA website.
  • DataOps Dashboard: Download data regarding COVID impacts, consecutive transplant audits, continuous process improvement memos, data requests, and transplant-center specific analysis.
  • Financial Payments Dashboard: Download your center’s financial reimbursement reports related to SCTOD form payment, BMT CTN quarterly enrollment, and other study-related activities.
  • 1-Year Survival Calculator: Predict one-year survival for individual allogeneic HCT recipients.
  • Cord Blood Report: Access monthly predefined reports regarding the quality and safety of distributed cord blood units.
  • PartnerShare: Visualize data in commercial partners’ data sets.

To access the CIBMTR Portal and its applications, you must have an NMDP user account. The primary data manager or medical director at your site is able to create an account for you in the Network Partner Portal. The access granted is based on the role you are given in the system. If you have trouble accessing the system after an account is created, please put in a support ticket via CIBMTR Center Support.

If you have questions related to these tools, please submit a support ticket via CIBMTR Center Support or, if you have no access, email

Patients: Contact your healthcare provider immediately for reports of problems with your treatment or problems with products received for your treatment. CIBMTR uses de-identified data and is unable to associate reported treatment problems, adverse events, or corrections of information with a center, clinical trial, or healthcare provider.