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CIBMTR has collected health outcomes data worldwide for >50 years, resulting in an Outcomes Database with information from >675,000 patients. At any given time, CIBMTR has approximately 200 ongoing studies and clinical trials in 6 major areas of research activity:

Clinical Outcomes Research Icon

Clinical Outcomes Research

CIBMTR answers clinically important questions using its Research Database, Scientific Working Committees, other cellular and gene therapy initiatives, patient-reported outcomes, and collaboration with research partners.

Health Services Research Icon

Health Services Research

CIBMTR explores how social factors, financial systems, care processes, and behavior affect access to and outcomes of cellular therapy. Current studies not only improve practice but also address barriers to treatment. 

Immunobiology Research Icon

Immunobiology Research

CIBMTR manages a repository of tissue samples from donors and recipients, both unrelated and related, to study the genetic, cellular, and immunologic factors that influence transplant outcomes.

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Bioinformatics Research

CIBMTR develops and utilizes software tools and analytic methods to discover new patterns and biomarkers, predict clinical outcomes, facilitate cellular therapy matching, and model inventory sources to save and improve patient lives.

Statistical Methodology Research Icon

Statistical Methodology Research

The CIBMTR Coordinating Center provides advice and statistical consultation to researchers developing protocols for cellular therapy studies and investigates new statistical approaches and techniques for analyzing cellular therapy data.

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Clinical Trials Support

CRO Services (formerly RCI BMT) supports trials of all phases with Specific expertise in Phase I and Phase II trials.

The Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinical Trials Network (BMT CTN) conducts multicenter Phase II and III trials with broad national participation.