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Administrative Reports

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CIBMTR provides reports that describe the work of the organization to advance cellular therapy research worldwide and how this work is completed.

Annual Reports

CIBMTR publishes an annual report each February. You’ll find information on the organization’s goals and achievements, and operational details on how the CIBMTR is funded, supported, promoted, and maintained.

2023 Annual Report Cover

Manual of Operations

This document, revised as necessary, describes CIBMTR Research Programs and high-level procedures followed by key functional areas such as Research Administration, Data Operations, and Information Technology. In it, you will find information about how we collect data, use data, manage our research studies, how you can access our data, rules of authorship for principal investigators, and more. It also describes how we manage the business operations and provide support to those involved in all research efforts and program efforts.

CIBMTR Manual of Operations (PDF)

CIBMTR Facts and Figures

This document provides an annual summary of CIBMTR's accomplishments in each Research Program, key publications, and high-priority initiatives.

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