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CIBMTR Working Committee Training and Leadership (CTL) Program

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Early Career Investigator at Computer

Opportunities for Early Career Investigators

We are proud to announce a new CIBMTR Training and Leadership Program specifically for Early Career Investigators (ECI).

As the field of BMT and adoptive cellular therapy continues to grow, CIBMTR is making an increased effort to engage early-stage clinicians and investigators to promote ongoing involvement in CIBMTR and to help ECI further develop their careers.

What Would I Do?

  • Learn and participate in CIBMTR Working Committee activities.
  • Participate in monthly Working Committee leadership calls and weekly CIBMTR Statistical Meetings.
  • Help oversee studies by acting as a liaison between study PIs and the Working Committee leadership. Help usher the study to completion with input from the Scientific Director.
  • Approximately 2-year commitment to allow for participation in the pre-, post- and Working Committee meetings during the annual Tandem Meetings. 


What Are The Benefits To Me?

  • Gain an understanding of CIBMTR processes.
  • Learn how to access and analyze CIBMTR data.
  • Engage with CIBMTR Working Committee Chairs, Scientific Directors, and Statisticians; and network with leaders in the field.


How to Apply

Who Should Apply Image

  • Motivated Early Career Investigators who are interested in expanding their observational research skills as well as gaining exposure to CIBMTR and its Working Committee study portfolios.
  • Ideally 3-7 years from completion of fellowship training. 
  • Formal clinical research training is not required. 

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