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Clinical Trials Support

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CIBMTR manages a wide array of studies, including multi-center trials, surveys, and correlative studies. Access to the CIBMTR Research Database and use of data from observational studies are important resources to support decisions regarding the design of prospective clinical trials. CIBMTR's clinical trial support capabilities aid a variety of research initiatives:

CRO Services (formerly RCI BMT)

CRO Services supports trials of all phases with specific expertise in Phase I and II trials

Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinical Trials Network (BMT CTN)

Develops and conducts multi-institutional Phase II/III clinical trials focused on cellular therapy

Medicare Clinical Trials

Conduct national clinical studies that allow providers to offer coverage and patients to receive treatment

Access a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world (a resource provided by the US National Library of Medicine)

Clinical Trial Support Capabilities

  • Study Planning. Oversee protocol development, identify patient population, select and train sites, and facilitate review and monitoring boards
  • Data Collection. Collect protocol-specific data, conduct centralized review, and merge data across systems and centers
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes. Centrally administer patient-reported outcomes and other surveys
  • Study Monitoring. Oversee on-site and remote monitoring to ensure data accuracy and mitigate risks
  • Statistical Consultation. Provide expert design and review of protocols, including creating analysis plans
  • Accrual Assessment. Review characteristics of patients to address potential accrual barriers
  • Trial Interpretation. Evaluate results, including through the provision of matched controls
  • Long-Term Follow-Up Data. Capture follow-up data for long-term or secondary analyses