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Statistical Methodology Research

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CIBMTR has enjoyed a positive, collaborative association with the Division of Biostatistics in the MCW Institute for Health and Equity since 1985, an association that is a distinctive asset and crucial to the success of CIBMTR research. Biostatisticians ensure the statistical integrity of CIBMTR scientific activities, contribute to results in articles on cellular therapy-related statistical issues for clinical audiences, and support Working Committee study investigators in developing scientific study protocols using CIBMTR data. CIBMTR biostatisticians have pioneered novel methodologic approaches to analyzing cellular therapy data. 

Transplantation is a complex process with multiple competing risks and dramatic changes in the risks of specific events over time. CIBMTR has developed and evaluated the statistical models used in cellular therapy research and helped guide the research community in the appropriate application and interpretation of these sophisticated models.

Statistical Support 

CIBMTR statisticians support not only observational studies performed through the 15 Scientific Working Committee but also investigators studying HCT, immunobiology, and other uses of hematopoietic stem cells. Support includes assistance with utilizing public databases, determining sample size and power calculations, analyzing and interpreting data, and preparing manuscripts and grants. 

Statistical Expertise

The MCW Division of Biostatistics has state-of-the-art statistical software packages and computing facilities. Faculty members have expertise in and publish methodological research regarding analysis of post-HCT outcomes, Bayesian methodology, multiple comparisons, statistical genetics, model selection, high dimensional variable selection, and post-variable selection inference.


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