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Protocols & Consent Forms

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CIBMTR encourages centers to invite transplant recipients and donors to participate in CIBMTR's Research Database and Research Sample Repository.

To participate, centers need to use approved CIBMTR protocols and informed consent documents for the Research Database and the Research Sample Repository. The below protocols and informed consent documents must be submitted to each center’s local IRB for review and approval.

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Observational Database Protocol

This database includes recipient baseline and outcome data for related and unrelated allogeneic transplants from any cell source and for autologous transplants. Data are also collected on unrelated donors and their donation experiences.

PRO Data Collection Protocol

CIBMTR collects longitudinal or cross-sectional PRO data from recipients of cellular therapies who are also enrolled in the Protocol for a Research Database for Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation, Other Cellular Therapies, and Marrow Toxic Injuries (Research Database protocol).

Research Sample Repository

The Research Sample Repository contains cell and serum samples collected from related and unrelated transplant donors, cord blood units, and recipients.