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CIBMTR Center Information Management

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Updates to Center and Staff Information

CIBMTR needs to keep your staff and center information up to date in our database. Having correct information enables access to FormsNet and CIBMTR Portal applications, and it ensures your staff members receive important announcements and training information.

Submit center information changes via CIBMTR Center Support:

  • Center changes
    • New center address, website, or phone number
    • Request a reporting-level change form
    • Request a change in transplant types performed form 

Submit staff information changes in the Network Partner Portal

The center's primary data manager or medical director must submit all changes in staff information in the Network Partner Portal:

  • Adding new staff members: new medical director, data managers, and other staff
  • New primary data manager (IMPORTANT: Always add a new primary data manager before removing the current primary data manager so you don't lose access to the online form; the medical director is the backup if the primary contact is unavailable)
  • Changes in job roles at the center

CIBMTR/NMDP Systems Application Access

The primary data manager or medical director must:

  • Log into the Network Partner Portal to make a new account. Use "Create User" for a brand new person. Use "Modify User" for a user who already has an NMDP account (for example, at a transplant center). If unsure, try "Modify User" and search for the person using their email address.

  • Once a new user is created, the requestor will receive account details for the user and the initial password.
  • A modified user will keep the same username and password they already have.
  • NEW: Some individuals many not need to use FormsNet, but please add them to your staff in the Network Partner Portal so they have access to ServiceNow and will be ready to get access to the CIBMTR Portal (if desired).

Center personnel can be added as:

  • Primary data manager (one per center)
  • Medical director (one per center)
  • Data manager
  • Staff member (no FormsNet access, but access to ServiceNow and CIBMTR Portal, if desired)

Other reasons to use the Network Partner Portal

  • Modify or delete user accounts
  • Update names and email addresses in applications
  • Make changes to security roles
  • Transfer the primary data manager role to a new person (Always give the role to the new person before removing it from the current person's account so access is not lost; the medical director is the backup if the primary contact is unavailable)