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Nominating Committee

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The Nominating Committee accepts nominations from CIBMTR membership, deliberates on candidates, and recommends candidates for open positions within CIBMTR's Advisory Committee, Nominating Committee, CIDR Executive Committee, and Working Committee Chairs.


  • Prepare a slate of candidates eligible for election to open positions on the Advisory, Nominating, and CIDR Executive Committees
  • Recommend nominees to the Advisory Committee for approval to open Working Committee Chair positions
  • Recommend Distinguished Service Award nominees to the Advisory Committee for final selection



  • Members are elected by CIBMTR's Assembly
  • All nominees must provide conflict of interest disclosures before consideration
  • One member is appointed from the CIDR Executive Committee to provide expertise in cellular therapy research throughout the term of CIDR Executive Committee membership
  • Lori Muffly, MD, Stanford Health Care, Stanford, CA


Elected Members:
  • Amy Keating, MD, Children's Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO
  • Marcos de Lima, MD, Ohio State Medical Center, James Cancer Center, Cleveland, OH
  • Miguel-Angel Perales, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York,
  • Sophie Paczesny, MD, PhD, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC


Appointed Member:
  • Rebecca Gardner, MD, Seattle Children's Hospital (SCH), Seattle, WA