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The effect of obesity on outcomes after alternative donor stem cell transplants.

Study #: RT18-02

Study Status: Published


2021, TCT Meetings (Poster)

Does recipient body mass index inform donor selection for allogeneic haematopoietic cell transplantation?


Abou-Ismail MY, Fraser R, Allbee-Johnson M, Metheny L 3rd, Ravi G, Ahn KW, Bhatt NS, Lazarus HM, de Lima M, El Jurdy N, Hematti P, Beitinjaneh AM, Nishihori T, Badawy SM, Sharma A, Pasquini MC, Savani BN, Sorror ML, Stadtmauer EA, Chhabra S.

British Journal of Haematology. 2022, May 01: 197(3): 197(3):326-338. doi: 10.1111/bjh.18108. Epub 2022, Mar 14. PMCID:PMC9675037.


PMID: 35286719