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Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight | 2022

Pathogenicity and impact of HLA class I alleles in aplastic anemia patients of different ethnicities.

Olson TS, Frost BF, Duke JL, Dribus M, Xie HM, Prudowsky ZD, Furutani E, Gudera J, Shah YB, Ferriola D, Dinou A, Pagkrati I, Kim S, Xu Y, He M, Zheng S, Nijim S, Lin P, Xu C, Nakano TA, Oved JH, Carreno BM, Bolon YT, Gadalla SM, Marsh SG, Paczesny S, Lee SJ, Monos DS, Shimamura A, Bertuch AA, Gragert L, Spellman SR, Babushok DV

PMID: 36219480

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CIBMTR Study #: IB18-02

Working Committee: Immunobiology