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Managing CIBMTR Membership

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Membership in the CIBMTR offers many advantages to centers, most notably the opportunity to join a large network of physicians and clinical research professionals around the world who share the goal of advancing the science of cellular therapies.

CIBMTR offers two levels of participation


Transplant Essential Data (TED) only centers

TED-only centers receive all CIBMTR general mailings, including our newsletter and summary slides, and they pay member rates for attending the CIBMTR’s annual meeting.


Comprehensive Report Form (CRF) centers

CRF centers receive all the benefits of TED-only centers; in addition, center members may chair CIBMTR Working Committees, may be members of the Executive Committee, and have voting privileges.

Data submission requirements vary depending on your center’s level of participation. Detailed requirements are explained in the CIBMTR Data Management Guide: Center Participation.

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New Center Membership

For more information about new center membership and becoming part of the CIBMTR community, please visit New Center Resources.

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Reactivating CIBMTR Membership

If you wish to reactivate your CIBMTR center membership, please complete the CIBMTR Center Reactivation Questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire will start the reactivation process. If you have questions, email:

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Updating CIBMTR Membership

  • To request changes to your CIBMTR reporting track for HCT or cellular therapy, please submit your request via our Center Reporting Change Questionnaire
  • If your center's name, website, or another type of change needs to be made, please complete the Center Information Change Questionnaire.
  • A ticket will be created for you, and you will receive a notification of the ticket number within two business days.

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Deactivating CIBMTR Membership

If you wish to:

  • Deactivate your CIBMTR center membership, 
  • Report center closure, or
  • Withdraw from participation, 

Please complete the Center Withdrawal or Closure Questionnaire. A ticket will be created for you in CIBMTR Center Support. If you have questions prior to completing the questionnaire, please submit a ticket via CIBMTR Center Support under CIBMTR Center Maintenance > Center Closure/Withdrawal from Participation.