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Comparison of outcomes of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients with partial response after salvage therapy who underwent chimeric antigen receptor T versus autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation.

Study #: LY20-01

Study Status: Published

Autologous transplant vs chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy for relapsed DLBCL in partial remission.


Shadman M, Pasquini M, Ahn KW, Chen Y, Turtle CJ, Hematti P, Cohen JB, Khimani F, Ganguly S, Merryman RW, Yared JA, Locke FL, Ahmed N, Munshi PN, Beitinjaneh A, Reagan P, Herrera AF, Sauter CS, Kharfan-Dabaja MA, Hamadani M.

Blood. 2022, Mar 03: 139(9): 139(9):1330-1339. doi: 10.1182/blood.2021013289. Epub 2021, Sep 27. PMCID:PMC8900276.


PMID: 34570879