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Blood Cancer Journal | 2024

Autologous transplant vs. CAR-T therapy in patients with DLBCL treated while in complete remission.

Shadman M, Ahn KW, Kaur M, Lekakis L, Beintinjaneh A, Iqbal M, Ahmed N, Hill B, Hossain NM, Riedell P, Gopal AK, Grover N, Frigault M, Brammer J, Ghosh N, Merryman R, Lazaryan A, Ram R, Hertzberg M, Savani B, Awan F, Khimani F, Ahmed S, Kenkre VP, Ulrickson M, Shah N, Kharfan-Dabaja MA, Herrera A, Sauter C, Hamadani M

PMID: 38977682

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