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How to Request Information

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The extensive clinical information in CIBMTR's Research Database is available upon request to anyone in the United States or worldwide.

Before requesting information, please visit the Resources section to review existing publications, slide sets, or Web resources that use CIBMTR data. You may also want to review the types of data available for research or request.

Request information based on the type of information you need:

Data submitted by your center image

  • CIBMTR member centers can access data they have submitted to CIBMTR through the Data Back to Center application, available via the CIBMTR Portal.

Patients: Contact your healthcare provider immediately for reports of problems with your treatment or problems with products received for your treatment. CIBMTR uses de-identified data and is unable to associate reported treatment problems, adverse events, or corrections of information with a center, clinical trial, or healthcare provider.  

Submit a Publication Permission Request Form if the intent is to include information as part of a publication.


Contact us with any questions.