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Executive Committee

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The Executive Committee provides ongoing advice and counsel to CIBMTR's Coordinating Center. The Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring CIBMTR carries out its mission and fulfills the requirements of its policies and procedures.


  • Provide direction on scientific activities and policy decisions
  • Finalize priorities for scientific studies, with input from the Working Committees
  • Review results of audits and recommend measures to address deficiencies
  • Appoint a CIBMTR Program Chair and Organizing Committee for the annual Tandem Meetings of ASTCT & CIBMTR and select the annual Mortimer M. Bortin lecturer



  • Comprised of a subset of CIBMTR Advisory Committee members

Elected Members

  • Chair: Michael Verneris, MD, University of Colorado - Children's Hospital, Aurora, CO
  • Immediate Past Chair: John Wingard, MD, Shands HealthCare & University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • Vice Chairs:
    • North America: Ami Bhatt, MD, PhD, Stanford Health Care, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA
    • Europe: Jakob Passweg, MD, MS, University Hospital Basel, Basel, Switzerland 
    • Central / South America: Vanderson Rocha, MD, PhD, CTMO-HCFMUSP, São Paolo, Brazil
    • Asia / Africa / Australia: Tracey O'Brien, MBA, LLM, MBChB, BSc, Kid's Cancer Center, Sydney Children's Hospital, Sydney, Australia


Appointed Members

  • ​Bioethicist: Gregory Abel, MD, MPH, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA
  • ​Business Representative: Jeff Chell, MD, NMDP/Be The Match, Minneapolis, MN
  • ​CIDR Executive Committee Representative: ​Amanda Olson, MD, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
  • ​Collection Center Representative: Huy Pham, MD, MPH, Be The Match, Seattle, WA
  • ​Cord Blood Bank Representative: Wouter Van’t Hof, PhD, Cleveland Cord Blood Center, Warrensville Heights, OH
  • Patient / Family Representatives (Co-Chairs, Consumer Advocacy Committee):
    • Brandon Nuechterlein, Aurora, CO
    • Robert Lisac, Jacksonville, FL


Ex Officio Committee Members (*indicates non-voting members)

  • ​Chief Scientific Director, CIBMTR MCW: Bronwen Shaw, MD, PhD*
  • Chief Scientific Director, CIBMTR NMDP; Senior Vice President, Patient Outcomes and Experience, NMDP/Be The Match: Jeffery Auletta, MD*
  • ​Chief Statistical Director, CIBMTR MCW: Mei-Jie Zhang, PhD*
  • ​Executive Scientific Director, Policy and Governance, CIBMTR MCW: Patricia Steinert, PhD, MBA*
  • ​Vice President, Patient Outcomes and Experience, NMDP/Be The Match: ​Mary Hengen, MBA*
  • ​Senior Scientific Director and Principal Investigator of the SCTOD, CIBMTR MCW: ​J. Douglas Rizzo, MD, MS*
  • ​Vice President of Research and Senior Scientific Director, CIBMTR NMDP: ​Steve Spellman, MBS*
  • ​Senior Scientific Director, and PI and Registry Director of the CIDR, CIBMTR MCW: Marcelo Pasquini, MD, MS*
  • ​Chief Medical Officer, NMDP/Be The Match; Senior Scientific Director, CIBMTR NMDP: ​Steven Devine, MD*
  • ​Chief Executive Officer, NMDP/Be The Match: ​Amy Ronneberg*
  • ​Scientific Director Emeritus, CIBMTR MCW: ​Mary Horowitz, MD, MS*
  • Director, Strategic Programs, NMDP/Be The Match: Meggan McCann, MPH*
  • ​Be The Match / MCW / HRSA Contracting Officer; MCW / HRSA Contracting Officer: ​Nawraz Shawir, MBBS*
  • ​MCW / HRSA Contracting Officer: ​Marilyn Levi, MD*
  • ​MCW / NCI Project Officer: ​Lori Henderson, PhD*
  • ​MCW / NHLBI Project Officers:
    • Nancy DiFronzo, PhD*
    • ​Nahed El Kassar, MD, PhD*
  • ​MCW / NIAID Project Officer: Linda Griffith, MD, PhD*
  • ​ASTCT Representative: Miguel-Angel Perales, MD*
  • ​Nominating Committee Chair: Lori Muffly, MD*