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CIDR Executive Committee

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The Cellular Immunotherapy Data Resource (CIDR) Executive Committee is a subcommittee of CIBMTR's Advisory Committee that provides ongoing advice and counsel to CIBMTR's Coordinating Center for the Cellular Therapy Program. The CIDR Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring CIBMTR carries out its mission and fulfills the requirements of CIDR initiatives, processes, and procedures. 


  • Provide direction on scientific activities and policy decisions related to CIDR activities
  • Provide input for selection of Scientific Working Committee Leadership
  • Coordinate activities with other Immuno-Oncology Transplantation Network (IOTN) programs
  • Facilitate compliance with the terms of the CIDR grant and progress toward its specific goals



  • A subcommittee of CIBMTR's Advisory Committee 

Elected Members

  • Amanda Olson, MD, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
  • Rebecca Gardner, MD, Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle, WA
  • ​Shannon Maude, MD, PhD, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
  • Rayne Rouce, MD, Baylor College of Medicine Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, Houston, TX
  • ​Nirali Shah, MD, MHSc, National Cancer Institute - NIH, Bethesda, MD​
  • ​John Wagner, MD, University of Minnesota Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, Minneapolis, MN


Ex-Officio Voting Committee Members

CIBMTR representatives:
  • IOTN Steering Committee Chair: Alan Hutson, PhD, MA
  • CIDR Project Officer: Lori Henderson, PhD
  • CIBMTR Advisory Committee Chair: Michael Verneris, MD


Ex-Officio Non-Voting Committee Members

  • Chief Scientific Director, CIBMTR MCW: Bronwen Shaw, MD, PhD
  • ​Chief Scientific Director, CIBMTR NMDP; Senior Vice President, Patient Outcomes and Experience, NMDP/Be The Match: Jeffery Auletta, MD
  • Senior Scientific Director, and Principal Investigator and Registry Director of the CIDR, CIBMTR MCW: Marcelo Pasquini, MD, MS
  • Chief Statistical Director, CIBMTR MCW: Mei-Jie Zhang, PhD
  • Chief Medical Officer, NMDP/Be The Match; Senior Scientific Director, CIBMTR NMDP: Steven Devine, MD
  • Executive Scientific Director, Policy and Governance, CIBMTR MCW: Patricia Steinert, PhD, MBA
  • Senior Scientific Director of Patient-Reported Outcomes, CIBMTR MCW: Kathryn Flynn, PhD
  • ​Senior Director of IT, CIBMTR MCW: ​Erik Bergman, MBA, MS
  • IT Director, CIBMTR NMDP/Be The Match: Matt Prestegaard, BA